TJ did an awesome job helping us identify and trap some moles that were digging our yard up since last summer! We had tunnels appearing throughout the yard for a while. I had tried different traps and poison peanuts on and off last fall, to no avail. I thought that whatever was digging up the yard would go away once it got cold out, but we kept getting new tunnels in the yard. Last month, when I had tried and failed many different things, I got in touch with TJ. He came out to our house and looked at the various tunnels around the yard. He knew right away that moles were the cause of our tunnels. He explained to us how moles travel and how to tell mole holes from gophers. He even explained that the traps I’d been using were not effective against moles. Once he determined which tunnels were active, he set a few mole traps. The next morning, we had caught a mole! This was very encouraging, after I had struggled all fall and winter with them. Because he taught me how to set up the traps, I was able to reset the trap and caught another mole! We haven’t had any new tunnels since.

TJ was not only able to quickly identify our problem and a solution for them, he also was happy to explain to me how the traps worked and how to find good places to set the traps. He did an awesome job at ridding us of our nuisance and we would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a professional, quallity solution to their wildlife problem!

Jonathan Wagner

TJ did a fantastic job twice for us here at Mansions South. He was extremely thorough in collecting the bees and cleaning up after the removal. With the help of the bee boxes, the bees did not return. TJ is friendly and a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend him with no hesitation.

Dawn Alford

We were impressed by TJ’s handling of our squirrel invasion into a tight, hard-to-reach attic space. He made it so easy on us as the homeowners. We always felt like we knew what was going on and knew, from a previous quote, that we were getting a fabulous price on a job we knew we didn’t want to do ourselves. We would recommend him to anyone!

Meg B.

Working with TJ and Wildlife Solutions was great from start to finish. TJ was quick to service our home and help us with our skunk issue. Extremely fair in price and great to work with all around.

Coral R.

A raccoon decided to peel back a hole in the roof and move on in in the middle of the night and kept us up scratching and moving about. We called several people and one of ths guys recommended we give TJ a call. I chose TJ because he said he could come out that evening and assess the situation and set up traps and that’s just what he did (most said they were a couple days out) he seemed knowledgeable and his pricing reasonable. Although we didn’t catch the pest, he seemed to eventually be scared off by all the ruckus! We had our roofer come out to patch up the hole and TJ said to give him a call if we had any more problems and I would not hesitate. I100% recommend you give him a call if you have wild animals trying to take over your living space.

Kaycee S.

I called TJ last year about a raccoon in my attic one night at about 9pm, he was at my house in a half hour! We went up in the attic and he carefully searched everywhere. He very quickly found where the raccoon came from, where it had caused damage, and installed a trap and bait. He was extremely kind, knowledgable and clearly explained his process. I would highly, highly recommend him and whoever else he trusts for your animal removal needs.

Grant Leatherwood

He was able to come and remove a bee problem we have been struggling with for the last 3-4 years! Very helpful and polite!

Chyanne S.

I would consider it a win when you have a snake in your attic/roof area and you find someone who will come out ASAP. That’s TJ Norman Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions. Dependable, prompt and courteous. Highly recommend.

Michelle D.
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