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Honeybee Removals, Extractions, and Cutouts are a complicated ballgame! All those words mean the same thing;  that you have a hive of bees inside a wall, soffit, attic, tree, under a shed, or inside something else (like a gas grill!)

They require specialized equipment and knowledge in order to do the job correctly. Most beekeepers are just that, beekeepers, not wildlife removal specialists.  They can get the bees out but they can't give you a comprehensive plan.  That plan includes removing the honey  bees, cleaning the area, sealing the area, and recommendations for sealing all other areas where bees might get in next time.  We don't want to do you a disservice by not protecting your home from future problems.

All colonies are extracted successfully and most were transferred into their own boxes in order to do what they do best!  Sometimes hives need to be combined with existing colonies to ensure their survival after removals.  If you have a honey bee hive in your home we highly recommend having a comprehensive plan instead of 'just removing the bees'.

Do you have beavers, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, or other wildlife living in or around your home that are causing trouble? These nuisance animals can make it difficult for you and your family to function normally, and in some cases, they can even pose a danger to you and your home. Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions can send a professional Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator to take care of the issue for you. Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions can inspect your property to determine the severity of your problem, figure out how the animals were able to enter the structure in the first place, and then remove them from the premises for good. A trained expert equipped with the knowledge and supplies necessary to accomplish the task will ensure that the nuisance is properly removed.

Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions utilizes a variety of trapping techniques to remove rodents and other nuisance animals. In some cases, a trained Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator is able to trap an animal quickly and remove it, but for special cases, a specie exclusion device will be used to take care of the problem. Either way, the expert from Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions will perform preventative maintenance to keep the animal from returning in the future and restore peace of mind to you and your family.

Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions can come to your home and remove mice, birds, rats, bats, and other intruders from your attic and other areas of your home. The Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators at Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions are all trained in the removal of just about any animal, even honey bee infestations.

Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions is a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator in the state of Oklahoma, license #243. Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions is also a founding member of the Association of Oklahoma Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators. For superior nuisance animal services, call 405-826-0393 today.

Nuisance wildlife removal of armadillos poses some challenges due to the fact that they’re nocturnal animals. However, Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions specializes in trapping these creatures before they’re able to cause an irreparable amount of damage and then relocates them so that they can’t wreak havoc on your home in the future. There are no known repellents that can scare away a pest like an armadillo, and even fences aren’t effective at keeping them out of a yard. Implementing an armadillo professional removal service is the most successful way to eliminate the threat they pose.

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SKUNK! Just the sight of that black and white pattern strikes fear in the heart of dog owners!  Usually its best to let them mosey along BUT if you have one that has made its home under your deck or foundation then it needs to be evicted. Call and I can come out and give you an inspection set up cages and when we remove the offending odor causer I can seal your deck or foundation so that the next one can not move in!

In the event if you or your dog have been sprayed by a skunk, there are a few commercial products you can buy from stores that work, DO NOT USE TOMATO SAUCE :)  or you can make this home remedy.

Mix the following and use it right after mixing: Do not place the mixture in a sealed container and do not get it in your eyes.

1 qt. - 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
1/2 cup - Baking Soda
1-2 tsp - Dish Soap

Installation of a dig barrier on an Edmond home, this is a permanent solution that
 keeps skunks and other

wildlife from moving under the deck and digging

under the house slab or getting in to the crawl   

space, possibly creating more damage.             

Raccoons in attics are one of the biggest concerns a homeowner can have. These mammals can destroy a lot of attic and wall insulation in a short amount of time.

They also return to the same areas during breeding and birthing seasons so while you thought they went away, odds are they will be back!

Attic insulation often needs to be removed, the area sanitized and new insulation put back after raccoons have made 'toilets' in your attic!

Raccoons will often tear soffit vents out to get inside and can tear through wood siding and roofs. This often happens when the female raccoon was excluded from her kits.  

Before repairing an entry hole we highly recommend catching and removing the raccoon from your attic.

Beavers can be a pain to the farmer as well as a homeowner.  They often flood fields and plug spillways and will quickly chew down your pricey ornamental tree.

Beavers rarely go away on their own and the entire colony needs to be removed to prevent more damage from being done.

After removing the beavers from a colony the dams and lodges need to be destroyed so that the next beaver swimming along doesn't find a furnished condo waiting!

Beavers CAN travel up to 30 miles over night so part of the solution is a monitoring program where we can keep an eye on your property.

Wrapping trees with chicken wire and similar products CAN work if done properly and the beavers have other food sources.

If you have problems with flooding and plugged spillways there are products and fences available to protect those areas, that allow the beavers to continuing living in the pond without flooding valuable real estate.

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Squirrels in your attic can be a dangerous situation.  They can chew wires and start fires but usually they just destroy insulation and chew holes for entry and exit points.  Usually cages set over the holes where they are entering and exiting is the best practice for catching and removing them.  I believe that you should remove the squirrels that have made your attic their home instead of simply excluding them because they often move around the other side of the house and chew a new hole.

Usually my service is three parts, first I come out and inspect the area, including the attic, roof, and soffits. After determining the areas of intrusion cages are installed over the holes preventing further entry and catching any squirrels that try to enter or leave your attic.  I remove all squirrels that are caught and when we have them all I take down my cages and give you a quote to seal up the area preventing any future occurrence. If you choose to have me seal the area I offer a warranty on my work that a squirrel will not get through that specific area.